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December 3 in Montreal

The Most Important International Climate Summit to Date; and a Watershed Day of Action for Concerned Citizens in
the USA, Canada and Around the World!

On Saturday, December 3rd there will be a major demonstration in Montreal, Quebec calling for action on the accelerating global warming crisis. This demonstration will coincide with the United Nations Climate Conference, widely regarded as the most important international climate summit to date, attended by delegates from over 150 countries. The theme of the march is, "Time Is Running Out, The Time Is Now." Many thousands of people are expected.

A growing number of U. S. residents are planning to head north to be part of this historic action.  Others will be organizing local actions in the USA on this day. And there will be actions in at least 28 countries around the world. Hundreds of thousands may well be participating in this International Day of Action to Stop Global Warming.

We are writing to encourage you to think about and talk with others about joining us in Montreal. It’s a surprisingly doable trip, particularly for those who live in the Northeast.  We would particularly like to encourage local environmental, campus, peace, community and other groups to explore chartering buses. These buses could leave from places like Boston, New York City, Burlington VT, Hanover NH, or Portland ME, late Friday night, be there for the full day on Saturday and then return that night.  This would take care of concerns people might have about accommodations, while affording an exciting opportunity to take part in what promises to be watershed event.

There will be press from the U.S. and from all over the world in Montreal covering the conference and this march, and they need to see us represented in significant numbers demanding that the United States join the world!  The U.S. government is not just a Kyoto Protocol deserter; even worse, our government is obstructing efforts by other countries to spur strong action internationally to avert the pending climate cataclysm.

The demonstration will begin gathering at 12 noon. The route is not yet secure but you can get information at The march will begin at 1 p.m., marching to le complexe Guy Favreau just a block away from the Palais de Congres where the U.N. Climate Conference is meeting. From 2:30 on there will be a rally with speakers and creative actions and displays.

The December 3rd March Committee in Montreal is building a broad coalition of environmental, youth, labor and religious groups. We are working closely with them, and we will provide information about where vehicles should go, where they can park, public transportation options, etc.

It'd be great to have buses, vans and carpools coming from all over. Let's make history on December 3rd in Montreal and around the U.S. and the world!

For present and future generations,

Ted Glick, Coordinator, Climate Crisis: USA Join the World!
Tom Stokes, Coordinator, Kyoto and Beyond campaign

For more information on December 3rd: go to, email:, or call (973) 338-5398.
For information on the People’s Ratification petition:;; (413) 243-5665.

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