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Dear Friends:

Momentum is building for the Dec. 3rd International Day of Action to Stop Global Warming. 

The listing below is of local events in the works.  This list is growing daily.

For information on what is happening in other countries please visit

Besides promoting local events in the U.S., we are also encouraging people to attend the December 3rd mass march in Montreal ( If you live in the Northeast, please let us know if you might be interested in a chartered bus.  The buses would most likely leave Friday night, be there for the day Saturday, and then return that night.

Please spread the word. 


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Stop Global Warming Local Actions On or Around December 3rd in the USA
Known about as of 11/27/05

  • Polly Carr with Alaska Youth for Environmental Action reports that “incredibly inspired” young people in their program are planning a statewide campaign beginning at the end of November to get 8,000 signatures on a letter asking their state and national leaders to take action on global warming. They will bring them to D.C. in the spring. Contact Polly at 907-339-3907,
  • Anchorage:  Susanne Fleek at the Alaska Conservation Foundation reports that they held a demonstration on November 28th and it “went pretty well, got good TV coverage.” Contact her at, 907-276-1917.
  • Hovetilla: On December 2nd, at the Hopi Nation the newly elected Hopi Tribal Chair Ivan Sidney will be attending a community panel and forum called, "Coal, Water, Wind, and Sun" focused around the effects of the closing of the Mojave (coal-fired) Generating Station and Black Mesa Mine at the end of this year. Contact Stacy Gildenston at
  • Arcata: The Climate Protection Project will be kicked off on December 3rd during an informational open house at the Redwood Alliance office. Signatures will also be gathered on the Kyoto and Beyond petition.  Local energy experts will be available and a video will be shown throughout the day. Contact: Jennifer Berman,
  • San Francisco:  Mike Hudema reports that groups in the Bay Area are planning a small banner and pamphleting action, an online fax action to peoples’ representatives, and an after teach-in with representatives from the San Fran and Oakland mayoral offices. Contact: Mike Hudema, Global Exchange,
  • Los Angeles:  Deborah Orosz reports that on December 3, the Labor/Community Strategy Center and Bus Riders Union in Los Angeles will host a day for city-wide public education on global warming and climate change.  BRU members and supporters plan to individually reach at least 10,000 people by organizing directly in the streets and city buses in inner city Black, Latino, and Asian LA neighborhoods with the message, “Stop Hurricane USA!” The BRU’s education campaign will generate hundreds of calls and postcards to the Bush Administration to sign the Kyoto Protocol and will underscore the BRU’s own regional efforts to cut LA County’s 8 million cars in half. Contact
  • Fresno:  Angela Price at the Fresno Center for Nonviolence reports that on December 4th Michael Parenti will speak on the subject, "Eco-Catastrophe and Corporate Power;"
  • Boulder-Denver: Leslie Glustrom reports that “we're moving ahead with a couple of things for Boulder-Denver.” They are making “some right arms and we'll gather signatures on them and then present them to our Senators under the theme of ‘We'd give our right arm, if you'd do something about climate change.’” On Dec. 10th they will be giving their local utility company (Xcel) lumps of coal for the coal plant they are planning to build, and possibly wind turbines and solar cells to acknowledge forward movement by Xcel on renewables. Contact: Leslie Glustrom,
  • It is possible that Green Delaware will be organizing a local action. Contact Alan Muller,
    District of Columbia
  • Anne Havemann of the Chesapeake Climate Action Network reports that they will be hold a hybrid car rally around the White House on the afternoon of Dec. 3. On Dec. 2 they will have fiddle players in 10 of the most prominent locations in D.C. with literature explaining that while Bush fiddles, the world burns. Contact Anne at or 301-891-6726.
  • Atlanta:  Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney is planning to integrate a presentation on global warming into an already-planned event on December 3.
  • Springfield: Diane Lopez Hughes reports that on Dec. 3, there will be an Environmental Justice vigil at noon in front of the Federal Building sponsored by Pax Christi Springfield, Jubilee Farm and other groups. Individuals will also have an opportunity to sign the People's Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty petition. For more information, contact Diane Lopez Hughes at or 217-544-3997.
  • Ottumwa: Blake Rupe reports that the local high school Science Club is planning a vigil outside of their local courthouse. Contact:
  • New Orleans:  Micah Walker Parkin of the Alliance for Affordable Energy reports on plans for a "Save New Orleans, Stop Global Warming" party in the French Quarter on Dec. 3; The New Orleans Group of the Sierra Club will co-sponsor.
  • Eastport:  Dovie Gaither reports that there will be an hour-long vigil on Dec. 2 and an interfaith service on Dec. 3. Contact:
  • Portland: There will be a rally in Monument Square at 12 noon on December 3. There will also be a bus leaving Portland at 5 a.m. on the 3rd to attend the demonstration in Montreal. For information on the Portland rally contact Jacqui Deveneau of the York County Greens,, 207-934-1911. For information on the bus to Montreal contact Andy Burt,, 207-882-6848.
  • Montgomery County:  Tim Willard reports that there will be a showing on Dec. 3rd of "We Are All Smith Islanders" and there may be other Maryland events organized by the Green Party. They have also initiated a campaign to get the mayor of Baltimore to sign on to the U.S. Mayor’s Climate Protection Agreement. Contact Tim at
  • Boston: An event will be held on December 3rd from 11 am to 12:30 p.m at The Cathedral Church of Saint Paul, Sproat Hall, 138 Tremont Street in Boston. There will be speakers from a range of groups. Action stations will lead participants through five first steps to slow global warming, and there will be a viewing of Boiling Point 2, the just-released DVD featuring a major presentation by Ross Gelbspan. Contact Brian Thurber at Clean Water Action, (617) 338-8131 x209,  
  • Northampton: On Saturday, December 3 at 1pm on Main Street in Northampton the hosts of WXOJ-LP Valley Free Radio's Enviro Show are organizing a "Stroll-in on Climate Disruption." They are inviting “parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and future parents to promenade up & down Main Street with strollers, rollers, and whatever moves you (don't forget signs against climate change!) in an effort to further the growing campaign against global warming. We'll be on hand to interview participants for the show and to award a prize for the most creative stroller or roller.” Contact:  
  • Ganges: Tapasananda of the Lakeshore Interfaith Institute reports that they are organizing an interactive workshop on the twin perils of peak oil and global warming on Dec. 3. Contact him at, 269-543-3951.
  • Twin Cities: There will be an action to “Protest Government Inaction on Global Warming” on December 3 at 12 noon outside the Governor's residence, 1006 Summit Ave. in St. Paul. Demonstrators will ask Governor Pawlenty to do more to reduce Minnesota's emissions of greenhouse gases and to urge his colleague Pres. Bush to join the world at the Montreal conference and help solve the climate change problem. For more information call 612-722-9700 or write
  • Billings: Sue Reymer reports that the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship Social Justice Committee is planning to collect signatures during the Christmas Stroll and Art Walk in downtown Billings on the evening of December 2. Contact:
    New Jersey
  • Newark:  Jane Califf of Rutgers Acts for Peace and Justice reports that on November 30th there will be an educational forum on the Newark campus on global warming, including the showing of Inuit Observations of Climate Change;
    New York
  • New York CityTo see a leaflet for the NYC actions click here.A coalition of groups is planning a demonstration after work, 4:30 to 6:30 p.m on Dec. 2, across from the Federal Building in Foley Square in lower Manhattan. On Dec. 3, there will be a film festival followed by an interfaith service in the afternoon and evening at the Community Church in Manhattan, 40 E. 35th St. and a late evening stop global warming party at Habana Outpost, 755 Fulton St. in Brooklyn. Ted Glick,, 973-338-5398.
    North Carolina
  • Chapel Hill:  Dennis Markatos, of Students United for a Responsible Global Environment (SURGE), is exploring what they can do;
  • Columbus: Rady Ananda and Mark Stansbery are developing plans for a “Cool Your Jets” local action on December 3. Contact Rady at or Mark at
  • Oklahoma City: There will be a Stop Global Warming event to gather signatures for the Kyoto petition. Buttons and flyers will be passed out, and posters will be held. The group will assemble at the NW corner of NW Highway and Pennyslvania (across from Penn Square Mall), 12 noon to 1pm on Dec. 3. Contact:  Darla Shelden
  • Eban Goodstein of the Green House Network reports that there will be a program at Lewis & Clark College on Dec. 1, “Global Warming and the Meaning of Life.” For more information:, 503-768-7626
  • Doylestown: Nokomis reports that the Native American Alliance of Bucks County will be holding a rally in Doylestown on Dec. 3rd at 11:00 am, headed by Grandfather Many Crows (Ed Fell).  He can be reached at, 215-260-4784.
  • Harrisburg: Nokomis also reports that there will be five native groups in Harrisburg on the 3rd from 9-4. “We will bring forth the spirit of the native peoples to support the Kyoto Protocol and what it stands for.” 
  • Lewisburg:  Christine Kassab, of Students for the Environment Club at Bucknell University, reports that they are collecting signatures for the People’s Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty petition and are holding a forum on the Kyoto Protocol. Contact
  • Pipersville: Richard McNutt of the Tidewaters Gateway Partnership has ordered hundreds of resource materials for widespread distribution in his region;
  • State College: Students at Penn State will be acting against the president's refusal to meet with students about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There will be a big demonstration to represent the amount of coal burned by the university-- dumping the equivalent of that coal on the campus green. They will involve their campus mascot the Penguin. Contact John Yerger,
    Rhode Island
  • Providence: The Rhode Island Peace Mission and the Center for Environmental Studies at Brown University will be holding a luncheon December 8 on the topic "Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the 21st Century - Climate Change and the End of Fossil Fuels."  The guest speaker will be James Howard Kunstler, author of The Geography of Nowhere andThe Long Emergency. Contact Greg Gerritt,
    South Carolina
  • Karel Keel, chair of the local Unitarian Universalist Church’s Green Sanctuary Committee, reports that “we've been gathering signatures on the petition for the People's Ratification of the Kyoto Treaty for about a month now.  On Dec. 2 we and the Winchester Society will have a table set up in front of the library at Clemson University to collect more signatures and distribute buttons. Contact
  • According to Meg Doyle at the Climate Campaign, Vermont “is recruiting hard for Montreal and will be traveling by biodiesel bus to make a grand entrance. They're currently working to give participants soundbites for interviews." Contact: Joules Dybicki,
  • Danville: David Barish reports that on December 10th, 9:30am-1pm at Bishop Conference Center, 304 Bishop Hall at Averett University, there will be a program with speakers to discuss Peak Oil and the necessity of American energy independence.  Biodiesel, cellulosic ethanol, the economic impact of switchgrass production for bioenergy use for Virginia's farmers and rural communities, the environmental benefits of biofuels, the techonology of converting biomass to biodiesel and ethanol, and current biofuels projects underway around the state will be discussed. More information is available at or by contacting David Barish at
  • Eastsound: Sharon Abreau reports that there will be a Dec. 3 event in this town on Ocras Island being organized by Rena Patty. Her email address is
  • Seattle:  Thea Lefkowitz of the Partnership for Religion and the Environment is planning an "interfaith global warming press event" on December 1-2;  Joe Szwaja of the Green Party is exploring a local action of some kind;
  • Olympia: Chris Stegman of the Green Party reports that there will be a kick-off event for the Washington Climate Action Network on December 2nd, 6:30 pm-8:30 pm at the offices of Climate Solutions, 219  Legion Way. There will be a follow-up meeting to discuss details of the Washington CAN! campaign on Dec. 17th. There are also plans underway for a Critical Mass bike ride and public rally on Dec. 3rd with drumming, music and an open mike for local activists working on aspects of the issue, starting at 1:45 pm. This is being organized by the coordinators at the Evergreen State College Environmental Resource Center. Contact:, 360-705-3528.
  • Madison: Mike Neuman of Preserve Our Climate reports that “individuals and organizations concerned about the obstructionist role the U.S. government has been playing in blocking efforts to mitigate future global warming will be gathering in Madison on December 3rd for a Critical Mass ride, beginning at 11:00 AM at the UW campus Library Mall, and ending at 1:00 PM at the downtown MATC campus.” Contact:, 608-238-6866.
    College Campuses
  • Energy Action reports that there will be at least 30-50 forums on college campuses around the country during the time of the Montreal meeting;
    Artists for Survival on Earth
  • This is a group just forming, initiated by actor, director and theater artist Cate Woodruff to "create ongoing music and dance concerts, gallery showings, films, articles, novels, poetry, readings, performances, speeches and human expressions of all kinds in support of our struggle to survive Global Warming."  Contact:

To report on additional actions, to order Stop Global Warming buttons, stickers or posters, to update this information or for other information write to or call 973-338-5398.

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